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We have wine and spirits, all from Colorado. Some of our spirits are distilled as close as five blocks away! Many mix well with our craft sodas that we make on site. We also have a full coctail menu. Come try some drink combos that our Beeristas have created.

All of our beers are brewed on sight. Ask a Beerista for a brewery tour, they can teach you how your beer was made.


This is a pale golden to deep amber colored ale with a moderate white persistent head. It has a moderate to strong citrus hop aroma, with small amounts of bready or toasty malt character. The flavor leans towards the citrus hops, but has a moderate bready malt backbone. The medium body and moderate carbonation gives way to a moderately dry, slightly citrus finish, without astringency associated with high hoping rates.  This beer is properly served in a shaker pint glass.

Shaker pint

ABV: 6.7% (medium beer) IBU: 34


This beer presents a medium gold color, clear with a persistent white head. Immediately the nose will find orange citrus hop aroma from Amarillo hops. The taste will give piney hops up front, with enough sweet malt to back up but not cover the hop profile. Mouthfeel is smooth, coming from a medium light body and medium carbonation, with a smooth bitterness lingering into the finish. 5.5% alcohol presence will enhance the hoppiness of the beer. This beer is best presented in a shaker pint glass.

Shaker pint

ABV: 7.0%  (medium beer)    IBU: 64


This beer is pale straw and slightly cloudy, with a tall mousy persistent head. The aroma is spicy & clove like, with fruity esters in the background. Spicy notes, from coriander, will begin the flavor, followed by soft bready malt. Hops flavor is low, with a tart citrusy character derived from the yeast. Medium light body and high carbonation combine to make this a light refreshing drink.  The character of this beer is best presented in a tall, fluted Hefewizen glass to maintain the fluffy head and highlight the color.

Hefewizen glass

ABV: 5.0% (medium beer)    IBU: 34


Coppery color greets the eye. Low to moderate spicy hop character will mix with toasty malt on the nose. This beer shows an initial malt sweetness followed by moderate caramel. Malt and hop bitterness are balanced and mutually supportive.  This beer has medium full body, with moderate carbonation and a smooth, quick finish. This beer is best served in a shaker pint glass.

Shaker pint

ABV: 6.4% (medium beer)   IBU: 35


GOLD AND SILVER MEDAL WINNER at the 2015 & 2016 All Colorado beer Fest.  Complex chocolate and toffee nose is immediately evident, with hints of molasses or treacle. These will continue to the flavor, the noble hops in the background and high attenuation prevents the sweetness from becoming cloying.  Low carbonation lends a smooth mouthfeel. Dark chocolate will linger on the finish. This is best served in an English pint glass.


ABV: 5.3% (medium beer)     IBU: 27



Triple S Brewing always has 5 rotating taps for seasonal, brewers choice, or patrons choice! We welcome your thoughts on what beers you’d like to see!


Smooth crackery malt combined with a luscious mouthfeel make this a great session beer

Blonde in shaker

5.1% ABV   15 IBUs


This Belgian Dubbel has a lovely spicy dark roasted malt character, with a smooth, sneaky finish- Be careful!


8.1% ABV  21 IBUs


Autumn in a glass! Big roasted and dark chocolate malt flavors with a prominent hoppy bittering and citrusy finish.


6.3% ABV  53 IBUs