Become a Beerista

We are not currently accepting applications, but if you were curious to what high standard our Beeristas have to perform, the duty description is here:


Employees will present themselves as professional and knowledgeable about beer, the brewing process, describing the flavors in beer, and basic paring of beer with food. Triple S Brewing is a neighborhood friendly, non-threatening place.  To portray this to customers, employees must:

  • Arrive at work showered, with no overpowering scents, in a clean uniform

  • Have no visible neck tattoos

  • Not wear excessive facial piercings (excessive = more than 4)


Beeristas must be able to perform the following work:

  • Through a series of semi scripted questions, guide patrons to a beer they will enjoy, and pair it with our menu items

  • Serve beer according to the Draft Quality Manual (in the right glass, temp, and pour)

  • Make and serve Coffee, serve a limited selection of wine and liquor; be knowledgeable about basic info on each (will be provided)

  • Prepare and serve all food items on the menu

  • Take payments and handle money using our POS system

  • Clean: the bar and all things with it, glasses, food prep area, tables, chairs, fixtures, bathrooms, outside areas, and any other items a manager deems necessary

  • Open and close the brewpub

  • If chosen, and with training, give brewery tours

  • Participate in QA/QC tasting all products. This means you must be of legal age to drink

  • Work at off site festivals, which involves loading, unloading, setting up and breaking down beer serving equipment, serving beer and speaking knowledgably about it.

  • Pass the Saf Serv course and demonstrate ability to cutoff patrons that have had too much alcohol

  • Pass the food handlers safety course

  • Pass the Cicerone Certified Beer Server test within 90 days- training provided. You will pay $69 for testing, which will be refunded after 6 months of continuous employment. Info here:

  • Follow all rules in the employee manual


All beeristas will choose a secondary duty:

  • Social Media Manager- Compose at least bi-weekly posts to social media, as well as for special events. Monitor and manage the Triple S Brewing online presence.

  • Promotions- Create and manage at least monthly promotion events, advertisements, specials, etc. in order to Promote Triple S Brewing and gain customers.

  • Special Events- Create at least monthly, special events such as beer tastings, beer paring dinners; long term planning and scheduling of prominent beer festivals.


  • Lift 55lbs and move heavy objects

  • Stand for 8-12 hours/day

  • Ability to handle and work safely with cleaning chemicals


If an employee is unable to perform all of the duties by the end of 90 days, they may be terminated.


All employees may be subject to a credit check and a criminal background check, for purposes of hiring.

E-mail an essay on the following questions to: STEVE@TRIPLESBREWING.COM

– Tell us briefly about yourself- life experience, interests, hobbies, etc.

– What experience do you have (if any) in the craft beer industry?

– Why does being a Beerista appeal to you?