About Us

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     Steve Stowell is a Nationally Recognized Beer Judge, and a Certified Cicerone. He also has been brewing for 6 years. He just retired from 20 years in the Army as a Special Forces Officer, and wants to share the multitude of craft beer flavors with you. Mass produced, mass marketed beers are basically all the same style, American Light Lager- devoid of flavor by design. There are hundreds more flavors out there, something for everyone- even those that say “I don’t like beer”.  Do you like chocolate? There are beers that taste like chocolate.  Do you like coffee? Toffee? Fresh bread? Clove? Orange? Lemon? Flowers?  There are beers that have these flavors, and not in subtle ways that only an expert can pick out.

     Triple S Brewing is a place where you will learn about craft beer, in a non-pretentious way.  Our Beeristas are all Cicerone Certified Beer Servers. They will ask you a few questions, dial you into a beer you will love, and pair it with our food selection.  For those that don’t drink beer, we also serve local Colorado wines and spirits, as well as coffee and craft soda. The latter has 1/3 the sugar of regular soda, and none of the phosphoric acid that eats the corrosion off a penny (and your stomach!).

     Another way we will teach you about craft beer is through beer tasting classes, and beer pairing dinners. These will be fun events, where we will go more in depth on beer styles and history.

     Thanks for checking us out, see you soon!

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